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general contractors exam Phoenix

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General Contractors Exam Phoenix

The 21st century economy is nothing like that of the previous century. While your grandfather could work at the same company for 30 years, that kind of permanence just doesn’t exist in employment today. Many employers prefer to outsource the hiring of employees to a third party, rather than hiring workers full time. Being a contractor has many advantages you may find preferable to being a salaried employee. Once you pass a general contractors exam Phoenix can become a city of great opportunity.

Knowing Your Future

Upon completing the general contractors exam Phoenix will open up dozens of new potential opportunities with unique benefits. One benefit of contracting is that the length of your employment is a known duration from the very beginning. If your contract is for a term of 12 months, you can plan ahead. This allows you to negotiate a contract with a new employer before your current contract expires. You can make arrangements to move if you find a better opportunity in another location. Of course, if your current employer offers a good situation, you also have the option to negotiate an extension and stay where you are. As a salaried employee, you are always at risk of being laid off.

That Sweet Overtime

The benefit of salaried work is that you always get paid the same amount. The drawback to salaried work, however, is that you always get paid the same amount. In other words, you’ll be paid for 40 hours of work per week, whether you actually worked 40 or 80. As an hourly contract employee, your standard rates are limited to 40 hours in a week and/or 8 hours in a day. After that, your services become very expensive very quickly. This incentivizes your employer to assign you manageable workloads. If they ask you to work late, you’ll be compensated appropriately. In this scenario, you win either way.

Personal Freedom

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may not want the fruits of your labor being claimed by someone else. It’s standard policy for most companies that their employees may not also work for other companies while employed. It’s also standard policy that anything you may invent or create during employment will become company property. Contractors are beholden to neither of these restrictions. You are free to work for as many clients as you wish at any given time, and any new product you may design will remain your intellectual property.

If having more flexibility and freedom in employment sounds appealing to you, Contractors Exam, Inc. is ready to help you take the next step. Of our three offices that help students prepare for the general contractors exam Phoenix is the largest location. We are always up to date with current laws and regulations so you know exactly what to do on the job site. Get started on your contractor’s license today by calling us at (602) 252-8311, or send us an email.

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