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Many states require building contractors to be licensed before allowing them to work on construction projects in their state. The general contractors exam often consists of questions about state law and building codes, in addition to trade questions about construction work procedures and standards. The general contractors exam is long and covers many disparate areas of knowledge. Those who want to pass the exam need to take General contractors exam prep courses to get ready for an exam that can change their lives for the better. So where do aspiring contractors go for general contractors exam prep?

Contractors Exam Center specializes in general contractors exam prep courses covering all the areas of study a contractor will need to know in order to succeed. We exist to help contractors looking to work in the states of Arizona and Nevada. Our exam prep courses cover areas including plumbing, carpentry, welding, HVAC, electrical, and more. No matter what your specialties as a contractor are, Contractors Exam Center is there to help fill in the gaps in your knowledge. You can take your contractors exam with confidence after you have studied with our detailed, up to date, digital study guides.

Do you know what the minimum clearance is for a standard home’s attic? Do you know which types of wood are best for exterior siding? When you hear the word “hardwood”, do you know which species of trees that refers to? What type of water valve should be installed on a water heater? The best contractors know a lot of things about a lot of things, and there is a lot to know to complete a project that is sturdy, safe, and long-lasting. That’s why Contractors Exam Center is in business, to provide you with a single place to go for general contractors exam prep courses. We will provide you with personalized assistance to make sure you’re ready to take and pass your general contractors exam the first time. 

Once you pass your exam, stay with Contractors Exam Center to find all the forms and paperwork you’ll need to get officially licensed for contracting work in Arizona and Nevada. We will assist you with the bonding process, setting up your corporation or sole proprietorship, and navigating the maze of bureaucracy and red tape required by state government agencies. We have offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Reno. You can contact our offices directly by telephone, or email us at any time.

Contractors are always in demand, so if you’re ready to take the next step to becoming an officially licensed and bonded contractor, let Contractors Exam, Inc., guide you through general contractors exam prep before the real test. We guarantee that we can help you pass that general contractors exam! Like our slogan says, “Your success is our only mission”. We have helped over 70,000 contractors obtain their licenses since 1992, and we can help you too. Sign up with Contractors Exam, Inc., today, and begin the first step of the rest of your life. 

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