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Arizona Contractor FAQs


Where do I start to obtain an Arizona Contractors License?

At Contractors Exam Center Inc. We provide the most up to date preparatory exams to give the best chance at passing the State Exam.  There is a guaranteed no pass no pay policy to ensure your chances at success. We provide you with all the study materials needed to take your State exams. This in many cases can provide a great savings on your journey to getting licensed.

What Services does Contractors Exam Center Provide?

We will walk you through the whole process to obtain a license. We provide exam preparation, bonding services as well as providing you with a knowledgeable staff to ensure your application is correct the first time it is submitted. We are your one stop shop and will ensure all requirements for obtaining a license are met. Bonding is required but insurance is not.

How long does it take to issue a License?

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors is committed to issuing licenses in a timely manner. However, they do process the applications in the order they are received. It is taking on average 20-30 days to issue a license.

What experience is needed to obtain a license?

This varies from trade to trade.  For some licenses no experience is required, while other licenses may require 10-15 projects relating to your trade, as well as the specified length of experience.  In most cases the Registrar of Contractors wants 1-4 years.