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What is the Arizona Registrar of Contractors?

The construction industry is growing in leaps and bounds, largely thanks to gains in the commercial sector. In fact, in 2017 there were 210,000 new jobs in construction—up from 155,000 new jobs in 2016.

Because of this remarkable growth, it’s often tempting for uncertified, semi-competent independent laborers to try and take their share, by offering contracting services of their own.

In Arizona, however, this practice is illegal. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors keeps track of certified and uncertified contractors and brings contractors practicing without a license to court.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC)

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors, or ROC, is a state-run agency that licenses contractors and protects people who hire contractors in Arizona.

According to their website at, their mission is to “protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public through a regulatory system designed to promote quality construction by Arizona contractors.”

Besides licensing Arizona contractors, the Registrar of Contractors also receives and studies complaints from individuals and businesses who have bad experiences with contractors.

A large portion of these complaints come from people who never hired certified contractors in the first place, but unknowingly hired uncertified contractors who practice illegally, and caused damage to their clients’ property.

Because of this, a major aspect of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors is their “most wanted” list of the current 10 most-wanted unlicensed contractors, who practiced contracting illegally and caused damage to property.

As a student in an Arizona contractors license school, when it’s time to start your own business as a competent contractor yourself, you can see why it’s so important that you become state certified before you launch your practice.

Another important source of protection for contractors, clients, and companies are Arizona contractor bonds.

Arizona Contractor Bond Service

An Arizona contractor bond is a type of surety bond, which basically ensures everyone involved in a transaction doesn’t get cheated.

There are three different parties involved in a contractor license bond: the contractor, the company or individual hiring you, and the state bond issuing agency.

The surety bond verifies that you as a contractor are certified to provide professional services. It also makes sure that the hiring client will be compensated, should there be any damages as a result of your contracting services.

To acquire a license bond, you’ll need to approach an Arizona contractor bond service when that time comes.

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3 Benefits of Getting Your Contractor License

The construction industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America. In fact, the construction industry gained 210,000 jobs in 2017 alone, compared to the 155,000 added jobs in 2016. But throughout the industry, there are several different job titles and certifications workers can obtain. One of the most common routes for contractors to take it to obtain a state-issued license. This article is going to explore a few key benefits of becoming a licensed contractor.

What Does it Mean to Be a Licensed Contractor?

Being a licensed contractor essentially gives you the right to buy certain tools and take on big projects, like building houses and office buildings. These jobs require the help of a licensed contractor because if someone were to hire a contractor without a license, they could risk being scammed or ending up with an unsafe structure. Getting your license tells people that you’ve passed the tests, paid the fees, and are legally allowed to work on construction projects. While there are certainly home services that can be done by contractors without a license, bigger projects, like the ones that need to be bid on, should always be done by licensed professionals.

Benefits of Getting a Contractor License

There are several benefits to getting your Nevada contractor license. First and foremost, going through a Nevada contractor bond service gives you more credibility as a contractor. When potential customers see that you have a contractor license, they’re not only more likely to hire you for the job, but they’re also more likely to instill their trust in you. Along with increased credibility, having a license also opens up the opportunity for taking on higher-paying jobs. This can be done by taking on larger jobs or simply asking for higher rates from customers. Additionally, having a license allows you to work on your own time — since you’re essentially you’re own boss, you can decide when to work, which jobs to take, and overall do what you want in regards to taking on work. And because you’re licensed, you can have other contractors or laborers work under you, meaning you can take on more projects for higher profit. All in all, there are numerous benefits to looking into Nevada contractor licenses.

Hopefully, this article provided some insight into the great benefits of becoming a licensed contractor. If you’re interested in learning more about the Nevada contractor license requirements, call Contractor’s Exam Center Inc. today for more information.

Contractors Business Tips

Contractors Business Tips to Get You Started

Once your exam is passed, your bonding is in place, and your license number is issued, what next? Here are some important contractors business tips compiled from numerous sources to keep in mind when starting your new business. Each State Contractor Licensing Board has laws that should be reviewed for changes and updates on laws on Contractor Requirements. Go to the following websites for Nevada, California and Arizona Contractor License  requirements.

Nevada: Nevada State Contractors Board

California: Contractors State License Board

Arizona: Arizona Registrar of Contractors

Contractors Business Tips: Follow These Steps

  1. Enlist the services of required professionals, (legal, accounting, insurance, etc)
  2. Research and obtain general liability and other required insurance. Contractors Exam Center can assist you with this step.
  3. Obtain required state, city, and county licenses.
  4. Finalize your Business Plan. A great resource is SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) , Small Business Administration  and Minority Business Enterprise
  5. Research sources for financing.
  6. Hire necessary employees.
  7. Secure Workers Compensation For quotes:
  8. Obtain pre approval for contract bonding, for more information:
  9. Print Business Cards, great deals can be found at:
  10. Order tools and Equipment.
  11. Prepare Contracts .
  12. Check to ensure licenses or persons with whom you contract are active and valid.
  13. Be sure that the contract is within the scope of work/license classification. If any additional licenses are required we offer exam prep and possible exam waivers, contact us at: Contact Us – Contractors Exam Center – Arizona and Nevada Contractor’s License.
  14. If it is not in your contract, it doesn’t exist. Make sure all change orders are in writing and signed by all parties.
  15. Make sure your license number is on all business advertisements, vehicles, business cards, letterhead, website, and any other place your business name appears in public.
  16. If your address or other pertinent information about your business changes, notify your state Board immediately.

Bonding Insurance Evaluation

Please call and check with one of our experienced license agents for your bonding and insurance needs Contractors License Center has a new instant quote page,  Contact Us – Contractors Exam Center – Arizona and Nevada Contractor’s License.