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What You Need to Know About Contractor Licenses in Nevada


The United States construction market has been expanding steadily in the past few years, with a considerable number of companies venturing into the real estate sector in particular. In 2016, the U.S. construction market had grown to more than $1,162 billion, thanks in large part to new real estate development. It is therefore clear that the real estate sector is one of the most vibrant economic sectors in the country. This trend is likely to continue due to the strength of the economy and the increase in the number of young people buying properties.

There are also a considerable number of contractors looking to join the construction business. If you want to open your construction company in Nevada, there is important information you should know before you embark on your journey.

It is worth noting that the Nevada State Contractors Board is the body that regulates all construction work and contractors in the state of Nevada. So how can you get involved in construction in the state of Nevada?

License Applications and Requirements

The Nevada State Contractors Board requires that all construction companies and contractors apply for the necessary licenses. However, the license is not issued to everyone. You must prove that you have construction experience for the license application process to run smoothly. The Nevada State Contractors Board highlights that individuals can be allowed to apply for a contractor’s license if they have four years of experience as a foreman or supervisor. With experience in supervising physical construction, you can quickly get a license. The next step from a supervisory role is becoming a contractor. In most cases, the board considers any physical experience in construction as essential in the construction license application process.

For a long period, the Nevada State Contractors Board has not highlighted education as an important requirement in the contractor’s license application. However, Nevada contractor license requirements have now been updated with education as one of the major requirements. There is a three-year training program from an accredited Nevada contractors license school. There is also the Nevada contractor license exam preparation, where aspiring contractors have to take a test before they can get the license.

Requirement Exemptions

Besides the strict requirements that contractors need to get a license from the Nevada State Contractors Board, there are some exemptions. For instance, you will be exempt from getting a state license if you are working under the supervision of the Federal Government after a natural disaster. Additionally, operating under the jurisdiction of a court or the supervision of the state eliminates the need for contractor’s license. Building your own property does not require any licenses either, in most cases. However, this exemption is only valid if you are building your home. If the property is for commercial purposes, you have to get the necessary licenses from the Nevada State Contractors Board.

Exemptions don’t only apply when you are constructing a residential property and government-supervised structures. However, other exemptions will allow you to start working before getting the Nevada contractor license. For example, there are opportunities for exemptions when land is used for agricultural and farming activities. If you are engaged in construction activities on your farm, you can always consult Nevada contractor bond service for exemptions. It will help you save considerable amounts of money.

As seen above, licenses are necessary for the construction industry. If you are interested in the expanding construction business, you have to get the required permissions to start your trade. However, before getting the license, the board has to enforce several requirements that are geared towards enhancing professionalism and quality contractors. Nevertheless, there are several exemptions that you can consider upon consulting the licensing board.

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