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Steps To Prepare For A Nevada State Contractor’s License


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 66% of construction professionals believe that the market will continue to grow in the coming years. This is good news if you want to become a contractor in Nevada. We’re going to examine the steps you can take to become a licensed contractor in Nevada.

First, you do not have to be a Nevada resident to obtain a state sanctioned contractor’s license. You may obtain your license and then move into the state to do business. Other states will have different regulations regarding their licensing, such as the Arizona contractor license.

Steps To Becoming A Licensed Contractor In Nevada

Along with Nevada contractor license exam preparation, you’ll need to take these important steps in order to obtain a Nevada state contractor’s license.

  1. Qualifications. Before starting the process for Nevada contractor license exam preparation, you’ll want to make sure you are qualified. You’ll need a Nevada state business identification and journeyman level experience of at least four years. There are no educational requirements; however, education can supplement partially for years of experience.
  2. Which license? There are three kinds of contractor’s licenses in the state of Nevada. 1) Class A licenses are for those who will manage construction projects and where technical knowledge is needed. 2) Class B licenses are for residential and commercial general building contractors. 3) Class C licenses are specialty licenses for contractors who work in one of Nevada’s over 30 construction specialties. You can view the Nevada State Contractors Board for information on the specialty licenses.
  3. Application. Complete the application for the type of license you wish to obtain. Again, you can visit the Nevada State Contractors Board website for additional information on the application process.

What To Submit

Along with your application, you’ll need to turn in the following items:

  • $300 application fee
  • Resume
  • Four professional references,/li>
  • Background check information including fingerprints
  • Financial information

You’ll want to block out a considerable amount of time to gather the appropriate information and to fill out the application. You may need several hours, which may be spread out over a few days. Make sure you fill out all required information. You’ll have 60 days to appeal your application’s rejection, should you receive one.

Nevada Contractor License Exam Preparation

You’ll need to prepare for and take the Nevada state contractor’s license exam in order to obtain your license. There is a multiple choice general business and law exam, which covers business management and construction regulation issues. In addition, you may need to pass a supplemental trade exam, depending on your construction specialty.

For Nevada state contractor license exam preparation, you’ll want to register for an online preparatory class. You can study from home, or anywhere there is an Internet connection, and there are practice tests, and online help is available as well. To take the state sanctioned exam, however, you’ll need to travel to one of the state’s testing sites. See the board’s website for details and locations.

You have some helpful information on how to study for and obtain your Nevada state contractor’s license. Read through this article again, take notes, visit the Nevada State Contractors Board website, and then you can confidently begin the journey.

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