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Plumbing Contractors Exam

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Plumbing Contractors Exam

Modern plumbing systems are essential to the quality of life people expect in the 21st century. You likely don’t give a second thought to the fact that we can turn the handle on a faucet and access clean water at any time. The ubiquity of reliable plumbing is a recent development in human history. As recently as 1940, almost 50% of houses in the United States lacked one or all of the following: hot water, bathtub or shower, and flushing toilet. As a plumber, you keep our modern way of life intact. When you’re ready to take your plumbing contractors exam to become a licensed plumbing professional, contact Contractors Exam, Inc.

Contractors Exam is dedicated to helping aspiring contractors and maintenance professionals learn the ins and outs of their trade. We specialize in contractor education and licensing for the states of Nevada and Arizona. Since 1992, we have assisted over 70,000 contractors in passing their exams, including plumbing contractors exam candidates. Opportunities for careers in the trades are expected to grow by 10% by the year 2028. In 2020, plumbing was in the top 5 in growth for trades. 

While ubiquitous plumbing systems are a recent development, plumbing itself is an ancient science. Most of the world’s major cities have traditionally been located next to large rivers or lakes for access to fresh water. Humanity has long sought to rectify its need for shelter with its need for reliable sources of clean water.  Indoor plumbing has been used in civilizations as far back as the Indus River Valley, 5,000 years ago. The Romans were famous for their grand aqueducts and heated baths. Copper pipes were first used in Egypt before 2,000 BC. The Mayan Empire had pressurized water delivery systems long before the arrival of Spanish explorers. 

The world’s population has doubled since the year 1970. Access to clean water and functional delivery systems will only become more important in the future. 80% of all known diseases are water borne, and almost 4 million people every year die from exposure to tainted water sources. Much of the piping in the United States was built in the mid to early 20th century. The highest quality water delivery pipes last for a maximum of 100 years. Much of this infrastructure will have to be replaced in the coming years. There will be ample opportunities for plumbers as the aging water delivery systems come due for upgrade and rebuilding.

Contractors Exam, Inc, is the place to turn when you’re ready to prepare for your plumbing contractors exam. The work of certified plumbing professionals will only become more important in the coming years as the population of the world grows and access to clean water becomes more vital. Our policy is to continue working with you until you pass your exam. Your skills are an asset both to the country and the world as a whole. When you’re ready to step into the world of skilled tradesmen, trust Contractors Exam, Inc. to help get you there.

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