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Nevada Contractor License – Essential Business Asset


Nevada Contractor LicenseYour Nevada Contractor License is More Than Just A Marketing Device

If you’ve spent any time searching the internet for “Nevada Contractor License” information, you’ve read countless pages telling you how your license will help potential clients choose your business over your competition. While that’s a valid point – and something we’ll cover at length in the near future – it ignores several other key benefits that being a licensed Nevada contractor brings to the table.

There are some very tangible advantages a currant, valid Nevada Contractor License, Nevada Business License, Surety Bond and all the other attendant documentation and requirements invest you with.

  1. You can legally submit a bid and engage in the business of a contractor, in Nevada. NRS 624.700 is the Nevada law which prohibits builders from contracting without a license. If your license is currant and valid, you’re exempt from all manner of fines, fees, prosecutions and the very real possibility of extended jail time. The State of Nevada takes its licensing requirements seriously, so District Attorneys all over the state, and even the Nevada Attorney General, have no problem at all punishing unlicensed contractors to the fullest extent. Your license keeps you in their good graces.
  2. You make Nevada a better, safer place to live and work. Not everyone knows this, but there are a lot more requirements to having a Nevada contractor license than just taking some tests and submitting a few documents. The bare minimum experience required even to apply for your license is four years of work in your chosen field, AFTER passing an apprenticeship program and earning the right to be called a Journeyman. Many licensed contractors in Nevada have decades of experience under their belt. That equates to a level of seasoned knowledge and professionalism which most other fields of endeavor could only wish for. You build the homes we live in and the buildings we work in. You hold yourself to higher standards of workmanship and quality than just about any other industry out there. And the people of the State of Nevada appreciate it.
  3. You maximize profits while keeping bids reasonable. As a licensed Nevada contractor, you’re work is in constant demand. Especially in today’s hot housing market. And, while the economic law of Supply & Demand means you can command better rates for the excellent work you perform, there is enough competition in whatever field you specialize in, to keep your bids reasonable and affordable. That means the quality, speed, and efficiency of your work is what will set you apart.
  4. You keep our economy robust and growing. As a licensed Nevada contractor, you are the backbone of our state’s economy; hiring hundreds of thousands of construction workers who in turn spend that money in their local communities. You are a small business person, who pays the taxes and fees necessary to fund a large portion of our state and local governments.

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The construction industry added 210,000 jobs just in 2017. Your Nevada Contractor License will put you right in the middle of a business sector which shows zero signs of slowing down any time soon.

If you need exam prep to get your Nevada contractor license, or Nevada contractor bond services to secure your contractor’s bond, Contractors Exam Center is the place for you. You should contact Contractor’s Exam Center right away, to start yourself down the path to entrepreneurial success.



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