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Contractors Exam Phoenix

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Contractors Exam Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona continues to be a city of expanding opportunity. While other cities have stagnated or even shrunk, Phoenix has doubled in population since 1980. In 2019, Phoenix was the third-fastest growing city in the United States. Current growth in the local construction industry is seeing Phoenix add an average of 11,000 construction jobs per year. This is fueled by explosive demand for both housing and commercial real estate. If any city has opportunities for independent contractors, it’s Phoenix. There will be a need for contractors there for the foreseeable future. Are the services of Contractors Exam Phoenix right for you? 

Any recent resident or visitor to Phoenix can tell you that the urban sprawl is impressive. While Phoenix was not even in the top 10 for population before 1980, it can now take over 90 minutes to drive from one side of the Phoenix metropolitan area to the other. Honeywell Aerospace, Wells Fargo, and GoDaddy are among the large companies that have chosen to make Phoenix their home. The Contractors Exam Phoenix office compliments our locations in Reno and Las Vegas, NV. The American Southwest continues to experience dynamic growth in both population and economic prosperity. 

The demand for contractors in the Phoenix area is so great, even the 11,000 additional contractor jobs per year added is not enough to meet demand. The demand for landscapers is particularly acute. Other contracting jobs, including masons, roofers, and HVAC technicians, are all in the top 10 fastest growing job sectors of Phoenix. Growth in jobs for electricians is also robust. Tiling and plumbing are in the top 20 for job growth. Simply put, Phoenix is looking like the city of tomorrow. They need hands to help them build it today. 

What makes Phoenix such an attractive location today? Besides booming economic opportunities for contractors, Phoenix has long been appealing to residents of northern states looking to escape from harsh winters. A large number of retirees from Canada have vacation homes in areas like Fountain Hills and Sun City. The last decade has also seen large numbers of newcomers from California, seeking relief from that state’s famously high cost of living, logjam traffic, and high taxes.  Camelback Mountain and the unique Saguaro cactus paint a picture of unique, pristine desert beauty. Local ordinances require construction and painting styles to match the local environment. 

Call the office of Contractors Exam Phoenix at (602) 252-8311 today and get licensed for one of the thousands of contracting opportunities available in Arizona. Maricopa County, which comprises the Phoenix metropolitan area and its outskirts, is home to almost two-thirds of Arizona’s 7 million people. Bring your unique abilities to an area that is clamoring for them. A unique combination of economic opportunity, warm weather and open spaces has made Phoenix the fifth-largest city in the United States. Whatever your area of expertise may be, Phoenix has a place for you. Contractors Exam, Inc will help you pass your licensing exam to become a licensed contractor in the dynamic state of Arizona.

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