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Arizona Contractor LicenseYour Arizona Contractor License Helps Clients Choose You

It isn’t exactly easy to obtain your Arizona Contractor license, and that’s a good thing. Also, the financial outlay required for your various licenses, bond, insurance, and related expenses can represent a significant investment. Sadly, the number of unscrupulous characters out there willing to forgo those expenses and requirements seems to grow every day.

Consequently, Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors is strict when it comes to issuing licenses, and even more so when it comes to going after unlicensed contractors. Part of the mandate of the Registrar is to do investigative work on contractors being complained about, both licensed and unlicensed.

Fortunately, today’s homeowners have access to a host of online tools and resources which help them weed out the fly-by-night types who don’t care if they repeatedly perform shoddy work (or no work at all). Since those charlatans have proven themselves willing to cut corners, they often seek to undercut legitimate bids which hurt the whole industry. Not to mention our state and local economies.

Your Arizona Contractor License Proves You’re the Right Contractor to Hire

Arizona licensed contractors, regardless of classification being applied for, follow the same process in order to obtain their respective licenses. Licenses are only valid for two years, meaning you have to maintain a reputation for quality work and personal integrity in order to renew. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also requires a minimum number of years experience in a contractor’s respective specialty, before they will even consider issuing a license.

Both the qualifying party in a business, as well as the applicant, must undergo rigorous background checks. Often, a legal entity must be created and then registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission, providing the required license bond. Copies of identification of both the applicant and qualifying party which have been issued by the government will be presented to the Registrar during the application process. The bonds required will of course depend on the type of license and the gross volume of the work being performed.

Contractors Exam Center Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

If the labyrinth of legal, business, knowledge, certification, and form submission requirements necessary to obtain your Arizona contractor license seems too difficult to navigate on your own, we have great news: Contractors Exam Center has been helping great contractors like you cut through the maze of government red tape for 27 years. We’ve helped over 70,000 contractors get their licenses, so we have no problem offering a “no pass – no pay” guarantee.

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