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5 Things To Look For In A Contractor’s Exam Center


Now is one of the best times to be a contractor. About 75% of Arizona contractors said they had a difficult time filling construction vacancies in 2017 and 68% said they increased the pay for those jobs to meet demand.

But when you’re looking for a contractor’s exam center to get your Arizona contractor’s license, it’s important that you don’t choose just any exam center. Here are five important things to look for in an exam center for your Arizona contractor licenses.

  1. Whether the center is contractor-owned and operated. When you’re investing your time into getting an Arizona contractor license or Nevada contractor license, you want to be sure that you’re meeting all of the requirements for that license. Exam centers that are contractor-owned and operated know all the necessary licensing and associated business requirements needed to become a licensed contractor in your state because they have the experience.
  2. Application processing. It can be challenging to wrestle with all the legalities that go into obtaining an Arizona or Nevada contractor license. An exam center that provides application processing can assist you with your license application and all related processes so you can worry less about getting the legalities right.
  3. Corporation set-up. Exam centers that offer corporation set-up can help you understand the benefits of incorporating your business. They can also help you navigate the steps you need to take to get there including the paperwork and forms for the Corporation Commission.
  4. Bonding services. Look for exam centers that offer competitive rates for Nevada bonds and Arizona bonds.
  5. Trade courses. You can learn more about contracting even after you’ve taken the contractor exam. Look for an exam center that will help you prepare for the contractor exams while also helping you navigate government forms.

Looking for a contractors exam center in Arizona or Nevada?

If you’re interested in obtaining Nevada or Arizona contractor licenses, you’re not alone. In fact, with a market share of approximately 10%, the U.S. has the second-largest construction market worldwide. And, what’s more, it continues to grow.

The Contractors Exam Center offers assistance with Nevada contractor licenses and Arizona contractor licenses, so you can become qualified for the job you want. For more information about Nevada contractor license requirements or Arizona contractor license exam preparation, contact Contractors Exam Center today.

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