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Arizona Contractor License Application


Arizona Contractor License Application – Processing & Support

Our primary goal at Contractor’s Exam Center is to fully prepare you to earn your Arizona Contractor License. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors offers two separate licenses which we will help you obtain. One for work and repairs to commercial structures, and a second for strictly residential work. Contractor’s Exam Center will walk you through all of the Arizona Contractor License Application Forms and make sure you’re completely familiar with what you’ll need – and how to fill them all out properly. We will also assist you with your Bond application.

 Arizona Contractor License – Exam Preparation

Contractors Exam Center will help you prepare for all your Arizona Contractor License tests. You can find details about the courses and tests we provide preparation and support for here.

Arizona Contractor License – Dual Licensing

Dual licensing – the most popular option which qualifies you for both – is also available. You’ll be required to have the correct Classification endorsement for every particular trade or field of construction you engage in, and Contractor’s Exam Center will help you in that, as well.
“A sole proprietorship (individual), a partnership, limited liability company, or a corporation may apply for a contractor’s license if they have a regularly employed person with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills who serves as the qualifying party. All persons listed on the application must be 18 years of age or older.”

Arizona Contractor License – Residential Contracting

Construction on houses, townhouses, condominiums or co-op units and apartment complexes with four units or fewer, is all considered Residential. We will help you obtain this Arizona Contractors License, which also covers construction connecting to utility service and sewer lines, meters and mechanical or structural services for any residential building or structure. This also includes any appurtenances on or within the residential property lines.

“A corporation or limited liability company must be registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission and in good standing with that agency before submitting an application for a contractor’s license. The corporation or limited liability company must remain in good standing in order to renew their contractor’s license.”

Arizona Contractor License – Commercial Contracting

Anything other than Residential as defined above is considered Commercial by the state of Arizona.

Arizona Contractor License – Background Checks

Once you submit your Arizona Contractor License Application, it is important to note that you will be required to undergo a thorough background check. Any criminal convictions will reviewed to determine if the crime is substantially related to the duties, qualifications, and/or functions of a contractor. For details, download this PDF.