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Here at Contractor’s Exam Center, we’re dedicated to providing you with all the resources and information you’ll need to pass your exams, earn your license, get your bond and have all the tools necessary to enter the world as a Professional Contractor. We know the challenges you’ll face and all the obstacles you’ll need to overcome along the way. So let us guide you along the right path to your success.

Begin Your Journey

With offices in Reno, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Contractor’s Exam Center is as easy to find as we are to work with. Call us, email us, or walk right in the door.

Personalized Guidance

When you access our Trade Courses, you will be taking advantage of literally hundreds of combined years of experience and know-how, developed by professional contractors who have been right where you are.

Pass Your Exams on the First Try

Passing the examinations for your contractor’s license in Nevada and Arizona requires a lot of preparation. Even experienced tradesmen who know their job well, can fail the written tests. At  Contractor’ Exam Center, we provide you with all the tools necessary to pass your exams with flying colors.

Make Short Work of All the Required Documentation

Specific trades have specific documentation and application requirements. It’s easy to get lost and bogged down in all that paperwork. Let Contractors Exam Center help you cut through the red tape..

Once You’re Licensed You Must Be Bonded

Obtaining and maintaining your bond is not a trivial matter Contractors Exam Center can help you become bonded and even to incorporate, to protect your business and your assets.

Forms, Forms, Forms, and More Forms

If you believe you’re ready to go it all alone and don’t really want any help, we would still like to support you in your efforts. Please access our Forms page, and download all the documentation you like. Just remember that Contractor’s Exam Center is here to help you with any step of the process you need.