Contractor License Application Processing: Arizona and Nevada

Contractor License Application: Processing Assistance Available in Arizona and Nevada

Don’t know exactly where to begin or how to go about starting the process for your Arizona and Nevada contractor license application? Let us help!

Do you simply want to avoid having to wrestle with all of the legalities and paperwork?

Allow Contractor Exam Center to assist you. We offer complete application processing and consultation support in:

  • License Requirements
  • Completion of License Application (Including Experience Forms)
  • Obtaining Your TPT Number
  • Name Change
  • Change in Entity
  • Replacement of Qualifying Party

We will process all applications in a professional and timely manner. Remember, incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected by the Registrar of Contractors regardless of the urgency of the license.

Don’t take chances with your license. We offer the lowest rates around!

The Licensing Board uses these primary classifications for contractors:

  • Classification A: General engineering
  • Classification B: General building
  • Classification AB: General building and general engineering
  • Classification C-1: Plumbing and heating contracting
  • Classification C-2: Electrical contracting
  • Classification C-3: Carpentry, maintenance and minor repairs
  • These classifications can also have sub-classifications, which we will help you chose.

If you obtain licensing on your own, you’ll need to give the Board four notarized references verifying that you’ve had four years of work experience in a classification to apply for a license for it.

When the Board gets your completed contractor license application, they’ll check it and decide if you’re eligible to take the exams they require for licensing. If so, they’ll send you an exam registration form to fill in. You must take an exam called the Contractors Management Survey Exam (CMS). It’s given once each month by PSI Examinations.

Contractor Exam Center will help you with all the necessary paperwork and legal requirements, so getting your Arizona or Nevada contractor’s license won’t be the hardest part of your job.

Call today or simply stop by our office for a free consultation.